Suman Mishra

Work Experience:

I have done promos for MTV [Fully Faltoo] with Cyrus Sahukar, a music video for world cup there by Naveen Batra, I was on debonair on September 2009 issue, I have shot recently 4 cover health woman, and done couple of prints and catalogues. I am a trained actor and dancer. I have been into dancing since I was four years old. Please check out my debonair september 2009 in YJE date segment.

About My Self:

Myself Suman Mishra my passion has been dancing since I was four yrs old, I like singing even and traveling to new places.


Being fit all the time because it is not always how you look but how you feel so I do yoga and gyming and I love dancing, singing, travelling, surfing, driving, I love my family, but at times I do love my loneliness a lot... I love my mother a lots. No one can take her place...and I have always followed on the path of having patience at every path of life, because I believe there is no road to success but through a clear strong will power...


I don't like interference because I like to live my life on my own terms. I don't like fake people. You should be the same from within as you are from out, I don't like them who throw tantrums and attitude. I believe in attitude but one should always know how to carry a right attitude. It should be positive than being negative...then only it suits your personality...

BORN ON - 24TH DEC 1987